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Shari Reffsin

How I Can Help

Throughout life, you’re faced with new circumstances, needs, decisions, and concerns. I can help you navigate the many milestones as you expand your family, change careers, and experience other significant transitions in life.

The following are occasions when you may need helpful advice from an experienced financial professional:


It’s important that partners are on the same page financially as they merge their assets. I can help you set realistic goals and create a path to pursue them.

Having Children

Without a clear strategy, the financial responsibilities of parenthood can be intimidating. I can help you address the number of decisions that arise when you have or adopt a child.

An Aging Parent

The cost of elder care is rising, whether care is delivered at home or in a facility. I can help you balance the immediate needs of an aging parent with your future retirement needs.

Loss of a Spouse

One of the most devastating life events one faces is the loss of a spouse, whether expected or unexpected. Working together, I can help you take the important financial steps.

Career Change

You’ve settled into your new job, but what should you do with your old 401(k) or IRA? I can help you determine if a rollover is an appropriate option and how you may invest the funds.


Divorce is an emotionally heightened time when you’re forced to make pivotal decisions regarding your future. I can guide you through the steps during this difficult transition.


Retiring is a big step. I can help you plan your spending and adjust your investments for the next chapter of your life.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Financial surprises may affect your long-term goals. Whatever sudden event you face, I can help you develop a strategy.