Multi-Generational Financial Planning

Multi-Generational Financial Planning


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"For over 10 years, Shari and her team have always been there to help me with my financial decisions. Recently, my adult children and I met with Shari to review and update my estate plan. My children were able to understand my wishes and ask any questions regarding my finances. Knowing they have someone to call when they have any questions or concerns gives me peace of mind".
The statement was provided 04/26/23 by Helen Curtis who is a client. This statement may not be representative of the experience of others and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. For additional reviews, search us wherever local businesses are reviewed.



Many people want to leave a legacy for their family but don’t realize that an estate plan is critical to ensure that your wishes are carried out.  

We will help identify how to pass on your assets, and who will receive what, when and how, coordinating with your other trusted professionals. 


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