Portfolio Management

Only half of women say they feel confident in managing their investments. Their top financial regret is not having invested more of their money.*

"Shari and her team tailor my portfolio to my specific needs and risk tolerance. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns
I have and take the time to explain complex financial concepts in a way that is easy to understand".

This statement was provided 05/05/23 by Michele Finley who is a client. This statement may not be representative of the experience of others and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. For additional reviews, search us wherever local businesses are reviewed.

Once we understand your current financial situation, our approach is to design a customized plan based on your objectives, goals, time frame, risk tolerance and what keeps you up at night.

  • Investment Choice – We have access to a wide universe of investment vehicles and options to ensure that we have the freedom to operate in your best interest.

  • Research – Our in-house specialists can provide everything from in-depth, impartial analysis of the market and economy, down to asset allocation and portfolio modeling

  • Technology –We help you become a more informed investor by offering 24/7 online access to your information.

  • Ongoing Monitoring – Because we are continuously monitoring the markets, we make data driven recommendations, when and if necessary, to optimize the allocations within your portfolio

*Bank of America 6/22/22/ Report titled Women, Money, Confidence: A Lifelong Relationship

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